Special Report with Celeste Solum. July 25, 2022. Informative deep-dive with Celeste Solum on the pervasiveness, invasiveness, and transhumanizing of graphene based hydrogel which, she reports, is now being used in everything — food, drinks, cosmetics, agriculture, aerosols/chem trails, wound-healing, drug-delivery–with covert intent to bioengineer and synbio human and other life concealed behind its superficial and publicly-announced use as beneficent in industry and medicine.

A sobering and informative look at where the military and transhumanist billionaires are leading humanity–without our consent–the ties with occultism and technocraft, a dark turn the military has taken, and how and why humanity needs to be closely informed, research further, and fight back: most powerfully with positivity, high energy, vibrance, optimism, and your own heart-space and individuality, your own powerful God-given self.