Get ready for the Next Step

Big corporations are professional in their executive selection process – So are you?

When looking out for a new candidate, firms do have a whole armada of people working “with you”:


  • The Lawyer who is preparing a contract at the firm’s terms, not yours

  • The HR director assesses you and squeezes your salary – his primary job!

  • An executive search guru who finds alternatives to you, so how can you present yourself being unique?

  • A sales plan master who will put the carrot just right in front of you – but will you be able to ever reach it?

  • A “compliance master” who will generate you break points to get you out fast if you are not needed any longer…

Life is not fair.

Everything a company needs to employ the best talent at a good price.  However, is that really in your best interest?

  • Do you think you can all solve these speciality matters by yourself?

  • Do you really have the perfect up-to-date Curriculum Vitae and cover letter ready?

  • Do you think your story is perfectly rounded?

  • Do you already have this CEO-like shine?

  • And you know how to negotiate the best package?

  • You know the dynamics of your next company?

Really? So why then don’t you have the senior executive position you want – yet?

  • Rather partner up with a trusted advisor.

  • Better don’t fool yourself.  

  • Do you really know what is your value?


Chess Play

If you are feeling stuck in your company – you have a feeling, that you might accomplish more someplace else – or if you are having  a vision, but can’t fulfill in your present work – this is exactly, where vonGammCom can assist you through our



Executive Coaching Services – ECS  

We act as a catalyst to help leaders enhance or rethink their personal talent and job strategy. We work here with you as an executive to assist your move forward towards the next level.   


Here are few points:

  • Personal executive development

  • Executive Coaching on a 1:1 base

  • CEO transition-in

  • Prepare and consult on an individual base during difficult times

  • Work with you strategic shifts or reorganization

  • Initiate a personal change, which has an work-related impact


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