What we are looking for

Cybertrue Capital Services’ investment strategies are focused on capital preservation and achieving consistent positive returns regardless of market dynamics.
As a result, we invest into sustainable businesses in the area of
  • High Tech Companies with High Growth Potential and Medium risk
  • Fast Moving Consumer Goods with Stability and High Returns
  • Commodities and Commodity Firms with a solid track record
  • Real Estate Long term developments
  • Currencies


In the company acquisition process, Cybertrue Capital Services concentrates on identifying, analyzing, creating and exploiting all the opportunities afforded by the market. The Cybertrue Capital Services owner views itself as a long-term “good home” for its subsidiaries.

However, Cybertrue Capital Services does focus on particular industrial sectors when selecting its acquisition targets, and does concentrate primarily on the following segments: industrial enterprises, high-tech companies in the area of Information Technology and Security, business services, commodity firms, and telecoms, media & technology (TMT).


Our ideal acquistion target

  • Business area of high-tech or security
  • Family owned, succession is an issue
  • Wants to have an exit yet wants to keep company well in shape and see growth
  • Wants long-term new investors
  • Size: between 500 and up to 10’000 employees
  • International presence


Please do not come with unsolicited proposals. We usually will outrightly reject them.