Atomic fairytales

Why you don’t have to be afraid of nuclear weapons, but the non-existence of them is much more annoying

The reasons are disarming.

from Dr. Christoph von Gamm

What do September 11, 2001, the moon landings and the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki have in common? Right: There were earth-shattering events – but: It just didn’t happen the way it was told.

What would you say if I told you that the biggest concern of the last almost 80 years is simply a lie? That the nuclear war story is simply a big fake? Would you then sigh with relief or would you say: “Such nonsense, that must not be, I was so afraid!”

Well, I’ll tell you: You can breathe a sigh of relief. But not quite.

Let’s work with a saying from criminal forensics: Why does the dog lick its tail? Quite simply – because he can! A criminal becomes a criminal when he has the opportunity to do so. And by analogy: since July 1945, the USA has been able to detonate atomic bombs and did so in Hiroshima and Nagasaki a month later, they say. Atomic bombs are said to irradiate the area for thousands of years, no life is possible, they say. That’s how you’re taught. But let’s now look at Hiroshima , for example. Is it safe to travel there? Well, the tourists have a lot of choice and the radiation is as high as in the rest of Japan or the world, it’s the usual background radiation. Even some buildings directly under the atomic bomb impact – such as the Bank of Japan building – remained standing – except for broken glass . So how can that be? Shouldn’t there at least be three-eyed fish like Blinky from The Simpsons or other anomalies? Well, the truth is why should it, and physics will give you the answer.

Atomic bombs are a cold war fairy tale. Because they can’t work.

Well, how do I get to that?

Admittedly, the literature on atomic bombs and how they work is sparse. In both English and Russian, there is little writing that enables one to successfully produce nuclear weapons. Some blame the secrecy and the lack of interest on the part of the masses, while others blame the technical difficulty of successfully building one yourself. Surprisingly, however, there is good literature, for example, on why nuclear weapons do NOT work. One of them the book by Aiko Nakatani (Nakatani, 2017, #): “Death Object: Exploding the Nuclear Weapons Hoax.”, the other the somewhat confusing, sometimes polemical website by Anders Björkman from Sweden, and of course various forums in the USA, for example on Reddit .

Figure 1: Bank of Japan building in Hiroshima. Except for the broken glass from the “atomic bomb” the house was not damaged, and this despite a distance of 500 meters from Ground Zero!

And there are said to be thousands of nuclear warheads worldwide, the Swedish research institute SIPRI reports that Russia has 5,977, the USA 5,428 (but better ones), China 350, France 290, UK 225, Pakistan 165, India 160, Israel 90 and North Korea 20 nuclear warheads target.

Figure 2: Number of nuclear warheads that are said to exist worldwide. Image: Statista , Source: SIPRI

The idea and the misconceptions

Let’s start with how a nuclear bomb works, as explained to students in physics class, for example by this nice twink: Two subcritical emitters of enriched uranium, U235, are brought together very quickly to form a critical mass using a conventional explosion . The critical mass should be about 50 kg and then, thanks to the chain reaction of radioactive decay, the uranium should explode and then break down into new, lighter elements. As a result of the decomposition, new neutrons are released, which then in turn excite further uranium parts, which then further decay and correspondingly trigger a further reaction. And these will then split almost all uranium elements like an avalanche effect, causing a big explosion and so on. That’s how it’s told . And of course there are dozens, if not hundreds, of explanatory pictures, all of which look great and continue to propagate the same lies and lies, for example from the Union of Concerned Scientists , on Wikipedia, Atomwaffe AZ , Stanford University and of course in various encyclopedias, like the Britannica . But they all hide three key elements:

  1. What happens exactly after reaching the first critical mass situation? How long does mass remain critical?

  2. How can the neutron source work if the energy is not thermal?

  3. Where did the radioactivity go from the atomic bomb tests?

Image: The nuclear twink – nuclear weapons are still being explained at this high level. Source: YouTube.

Let’s start with the first misconception, the critical mass . From the first explosion, where the uranium flies apart, it is subcritical, ie there shouldn’t be any further explosions. And that’s exactly where the cat bites its tail or the dog can no longer lick it. There is a logical break in the explanatory model as to why this chain reaction should then be maintained and not broken off. And it’s no use saying that there would be several neutrons per atom from the reaction, so that there would be an exponential explosion. No it’s not possible.

The second mistake in reasoning is the one with the correct energy of the neutrons, which is generally kept secret. Uranium in nuclear reactors only reacts when the neutrons are greatly slowed down. Otherwise, practically nothing happens. For a chain reaction, the bombarding neutrons must be slow, very very slow . Therefore, in conventional nuclear reactors used to generate electricity, they are significantly slowed down by a factor of about 10 6 , so they are a million times too energetic. Neutron sources deliver very fast, energetic neutrons with a speed of 2 to 5 MeV (megaelectron volts, corresponding to about 1.25 * 10 -13 J), they first have to be slowed down to the level of thermal neutrons, which is about 0.25 to 1 eV . Too fast here would mean that the atomic nucleus doesn’t notice anything, it takes a slow push to split the atomic nucleus. Otherwise the neutrons would rush through non-destructively, nothing would happen. A typical moderator is graphite or heavy or – in the case of enriched uranium – normal water. Without this moderator – graphite etc. – a nuclear charge cannot sustain a nuclear reaction.

Hydrogen bombs , which theoretically only have a “normal” atomic bomb explosion as a prerequisite, and then then have a propellant charge made of lithium deuteride with a lot of X-rays, have the same problem: you simply have a problem with the initial detonation.

Image 4: This is how the explosion of a hydrogen bomb should work according to Teller-Ulam. But it doesn’t work, because the “moderator” and the radioactive charge swirl very quickly, ie the further reaction is virtually stopped. In short, it’s a fairy tale.

The third point is the lack of radiation. Contrary to popular belief, Hiroshima and Nagasaki are very beautiful, thriving cities with negligible background radioactive emissions. Had the said atomic bomb blast actually happened, the rest of the radioactive decay would still be measurable today. But even the alleged radiation victims were faked, as Dr. Michael Palmer wrote in his book Hiroshima Revisited . “We breathed the GASES when the atomic bomb fell – Evidence that the atomic bombings were faked with napalm and mustard gas”.

Palmer, in his 317-page book worth reading, shows how US authorities falsified medical records in Japan to support the 1945 manipulations. Japanese died from napalm firebombings and mustard gas injuries! Nobody died from radiation. US troops later distributed a few scraps of nuclear waste to Hiroshima/Nagasaki so that at least a bit of radiation could be recorded with primitive Geiger counters, but the signature never corresponded to that of a nuclear blast (Palmer, 2020, p.69). Palmer writes further: “There are two important conclusions from this: the first is that of all field measurements, only those taken in the first week have any real power to confirm or refute a nuclear detonation; and their consistently low activity levels clearly belie this. The second conclusion is simply the one already formulated by Wilson, namely that both the collection and the documentation of early radioactivity measurements were grossly inadequate.” (Palmer, 2020, p.89)

That means: Due to two factors – the missing critical mass for a self-sustaining chain reaction immediately after the first blast and the missing moderator for slowing down the neutrons in order to bombard further atomic nuclei ensure that the whole thing collapses like a house of cards. And beyond that, no radiation signature could be measured. Incidentally, this can also be understood very well using the construction of nuclear reactors – a typical reactor with water as a moderator – a light water reactor – is immediately self-locking once the water has drained away. Light water reactors are therefore quite safe, of course water can escape there, but this is not a real disaster compared to a meltdown as could happen with graphite-based reactors like that of Prybiat/Chernobyl – because if the water that absorbs heat at the same time, i.e. cools it, flows out, the moderation is not interrupted without pulling out the graphite cores, but continues, but it gets too hot and can melt – but not explode. And that’s exactly what happened on April 26, 1986.

So what does this mean for atomic bombs? Unfortunately, there is only one consequence:

Atomic bombs are a hoax. An invention.

One can now assume that. And there is more than just the pure physical mode of action, but also what the dog has: motivation and means.

The history

And so let’s start with the time when it all came about – the time of 1945. In Europe the war was long over, but in Asia it was far from over and it was getting more and more expensive. The leadership of Japan with the young Emperor Hirohito had wanted to change sides for a long time, but could not sell it domestically. An uprising and instability would then have followed, which would not have been in the interest of the Americans either – it is better to have the ruling caste under control than to have to deal with newly elected – perhaps installed by the sovereign, the people – new people . The deal was to keep Emperor Hirohito and most of the power structures, just completely decimate the military, which had become too powerful, and Americanize Japan. Almost all were winners. The loss of face for the Kaiser would have been too great against a technically relatively equal opponent, however: it was something different with an overpowering nuclear opponent, because the Kaiser was the victor. And so it happened. A hail of bombs followed Hiroshima and Nagasaki, as was already the case in Dresden – and it was dressed up as an atomic bomb. The number of dead was high – 136,000 dead are officially counted in both airdrops.

Image 5: A putative B61 atomic bomb , one of the most commonly manufactured nuclear explosive devices. Note the streamlined, aerodynamic control wings. It’s actually embarrassing to still present something like this as technology. Source: George Washington University, National Security Archive

And anyone who said otherwise in Japan was immediately boxed up, the Atomic Energy Act of 1946 made divulging any information immediately punishable by the maximum penalty. A few photographs, a few decent firebombs over Hiroshima and Nagasaki and controlling opinions via the newspapers did the rest. Then there was a lot of folklore and music, shaky little films and so on. The Hollywood recipe worked – as so often later.

The motivation

What was and is the motivation? At first, in 1945, it seemed like ending a war without further bloodshed on either side. But there was the deal of the century: Japan will remain almost as it is, the emperor will stay too, but it will switch sides and help the USA. What better reason to start this than an unbeatable weapon. No loss of face for the Tenno, it could have ended worse for both sides, because the USA was also at the end of its tether. Other countries recognized the opportunity and joined this legend. And the physicists who might know better? Well, who wants to hire a renegade as a state company or state research institution and for the few meager bucks that a physicist unfortunately earns, it’s not worth opening the door. Physics is a profession with a dilemma anyway: cutting-edge research costs money and that’s only available from the state. You’d have to be pretty independent or have balls of steel to blast the truth out here. And so it was possible to make good money and threats with the topic for more than seventy years. And, of course, there are plenty of photos of nuclear weapons tests, like France’s on Mururoa Atoll, or the classic prefab and mannequin tests in the Nevada desert. All nicely done for TV. All nuclear weapons tests had one thing in common:

  • Everything was top secret, only selected observers were allowed.

  • They were pretty far away, in Siberia, in the Nevada desert, on atolls

  • After that there were hardly any traces of radioactivity in the air

  • Except for North Korea, with the widespread introduction of cellphones and cameras, there were no more tests , probably why.

Figure 6: An alleged nuclear weapon explosion in Nevada

The Soviets and the others

But then the Soviet Union suddenly had atomic bombs. The Soviet Union could have exposed the swindle, one can argue. But there was no interest in that. At Stalin’s time, people wanted to match the USA in terms of weapons technology and through this lie you could show strength to a people battered by the Second World War and also bring the USA into a kind of balance. According to legend, a defected spy – Klaus Fuchs – brought the technology. But Klaus Fuchs was actually just there with the news that the whole thing was a scam. And that’s how Stalin cheated! And he was sure that the USA couldn’t say anything against it, it would have to be enough to say a couple of loud “booms!” in Siberia. to have it done, a little something for the camera, a little something for the seismologists’ instruments. And the “GDR” with the Wismut AG brought the weapons-grade uranium from the mines of Thuringia with about 50,000 employees at the wedding. Incidentally, none other than Vladimir Putin monitored this “Bismuth program”. It was suddenly discontinued after the reunification, although the Federal Republic would have liked to have had uranium, it is said that there was simply nothing left. Of course, the other “victorious powers”, such as Great Britain, France and China, wanted to do the same and they were then allowed to do the whole thing. They all, however, had this one big state secret: It didn’t work – all nuclear detonations to date have just been “dirty bombs” with lots of TNT. Not more. Other states such as India, Pakistan, South Africa, Israel or North Korea could also threaten to do so. That’s nice, but ultimately it’s just threatening gestures for people who didn’t pay attention in physics. And that was most of them. Some people who want to make themselves important even say that there were nuclear warheads under the skyscrapers of the Twin Towers, which were blown up 21 years ago on September 11, 2001 . But those were aluminum airplanes that cut through the steel girders of the skyscrapers like a razor. Everyone knows that, right? No, it was probably neither one nor the other.

The end of the song

On July 7, 2017, 122 United Nations countries decided to ban nuclear weapons. These countries have understood that nuclear weapons don’t work at all, so it makes sense to end this crap. But why ban something that doesn’t work anyway? Quite simply because it is a wonderful propaganda tool. You can scare people with it very nicely and extort money and favors from them just so that a “nuclear catastrophe” can not occur as far as possible. In the same way, you can use it to turn countries like Iran or North Korea into villains, which some potentates like to do. A Kim Jong Un without a nuclear bomb would just be a Little Rocket Man , as Donald Trump called him. US President Donald Trump knew. What should not be forgotten, by the way, is that Donald Trump’s uncle – John Trump – was a nuclear physicist.

Image 7: Note the horny screw connections on the wings of the new B61 bomb. Aerodynamic, practical like from the GDR Construction 110 set .

Which is fascinating how the story hours continue to be maintained. At the same time, the narrators entangle themselves in lies. An example: If nuclear weapons are so dangerous and radioactive, why are nuclear bombs just pushed back and forth by US military employees without protective clothing like in the picture? Theoretically, the neutron beams should have long since attacked the organs of the two fat women. And anyway: Any nuclear weapon always looks like it was dreamed up by Roadrunner and Coyote .

Image 8: One looks in vain for the protective suits on the gentleman and on the bulky ladies with the perms, after all they are working so hard on nuclear weapons that radiate hard

Forensics, forensics – getting back to the dog and the tail: a dog that can lick its tail will do it. At least a bit. Because it’s so beautiful. And so one should have assumed that the USA or the USSR or a mentally ill potentate like Nicolas Sarkozy in France or Boris Johnson in the UK would have detonated the bomb at some point, at least a small, tactical one… maybe already in Vietnam, or in Baghdad, or Tripoli or Damascus… yes, as long as it works. Military strategists could have argued for a long time that the radiation deaths in Hiroshima weren’t that bad. But nowadays there are too many cameras, too many cell phones, too many witnesses. And therefore there are no atomic bombs detonated – not even 77 years later! In recent years we should all be old and experienced enough to understand that there are no moral and ethical concerns in politics. There are only interests and opportunities. And if a leader has a gun and is in trouble, he will use it.

In summary, the shit is so obvious it hurts. But it’s good to know the truth. Even if you are annoyed that you have been duped for so long.

fear not!

This joyful message is as true today as it was 2000 years ago. However: The nuclear weapons lie was practical, because it could be said that the then Soviet Union or now Russia could be deterred by nuclear weapons and therefore not invade. That was how you could pull money out of people’s pockets and drive a wedge between the admittedly not really sympathetic communist east and the “free west”®. Without nuclear weapons, however, it would soon become clear that the Soviet Union simply had no commercial or military interest in marching through to the Rhine, because that would involve too much effort. This sort of strategic thinking, in turn, would have been too embarrassing for Western Europe and also too realistic – it has been more convenient for the Soviet Union to exist as a trading partner – and after the fall of the Cold War in 1989 it was all the more so until recently. This in turn ensures that hundreds of thousands of bullshit jobs in the military-industrial complex fizzle out. And that’s just as well.

The anti-nuclear movement has also lost its greatest horror scenario due to the non-functioning of nuclear weapons: the thought that has planted itself in the Sörens and fundamentally good anti-nuclear women in such a comfortingly creepy way that suddenly a mushroom cloud could explode over Landshut or Neckarwestheim – the thought is gone. A radioactive leak isn’t pretty either, but it’s comparatively unspectacular.

And so I imagine just about everyone will throw up at this article: the pseudo-nuclear industry, the “peace researchers”, the anti-nuclear movement, the military: all of them will have their favorite toy taken out of their hands. All you can say to them is grow up! At the same time, those who go along with this train of thought – out of pure logic and physics – lack any respect, any respect for these “nuclear powers”. They’ve fooled people for decades and siphoned billions and billions into “research” and “development” that was faked so ridiculously bad it’s laughable. And you can laugh at how you fell for that lie yourself in the beginning.

What is no laughing matter, however, is a completely different consequence: nuclear weapons will never be able to protect you because they are just pure show. And both great “nuclear superpowers” know that. And the first one to say, “Show me!” wins.

PS: Of course you can also dismiss the whole thing as a conspiracy theory and continue to believe what you are told on television. Then please queue up for the fifth booster and mourn the death of the benevolent Queen after you’ve watched an episode of We’ve Been to the Moon, preferably as a 9/11 follow-on. Have you also dutifully filled up your Riester savings plan? And popped a few more HelloFresh shares into your portfolio? Maybe a few CO2 certificates as well?

PPS: If you can show me a real atomic bomb explosion, please step forward, mind you: a real one! And then I say: Okay, well, I was wrong.

Dr. Christoph von Gamm is a conspiracy practitioner and, among other things, a Dipl.-Ing. TUM Electrical Engineering and Information Technology. He has been involved with nuclear technology since childhood, although due to the strictness of his parents he was unfortunately not allowed to tinker with reactors in the basement at home. He can be reached at and at

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